Cold Rooms And Self-Insulated Ventilation Systems


Thanks to the system feature; It is a system that is resistant to the corrosive effects of insulated water and moisture and non-deformable moisture, does not corrode, does not hold microbes and particles, and is easy to dismantle and maintain. Especially; It has a backup system produced for humid and hygienic environments.

It is a controlled ventilation system that cleans the air taken in the environment with a filter and provides fresh air intake.

+ Atmospheric pressure cold room systems

+ System setup between +8 ° C and -45 ° C

+ The system can operate with an optional 100% indoor air cycle.

+ The system can operate with 100% fresh air or with a mixture of air.

+ The system is suitable for optional disinfectant dosing.

+ A homogeneous distribution is achieved in the room with antibacterial channels and adjustable grilles.

+ Low flow rate can be selected so that air flow rates do not blow directly to the plant.

+ Double-row bladed distributor grilles are used as blowing and exhaust grilles in air channels.

Vegetable and fruit markets demand very high quality manufacturing. In these markets; Products such as apple, strawberry, banana, grape peach, pear, cherry, ready-made food, flower and their aromas are preserved.

With cold storage panels, the heat and humidity levels demanded by these products can be easily obtained.

Cold room and facade panels are mounted on the prefabricated reinforced concrete or steel building construction by cladding from the inside or outside.

In the facade and cold room; Due to the light weight of the panels, it is possible to install in small sized projects even using only scaffolding. In larger projects; By using forklift, hydraulic crane or motorized scaffolding, assembly work is completed in an extremely easy and fast way.

Energy cost constitutes a large part of the total operating costs in frozen food warehouses.

Cold storage panels provide energy savings with their high thermal insulation performance and provide a significant cost savings.