Humidifying Systems


The plumbing system is drawn around or inside the channel. Dissipation of moisture into the air is made by channels and air support. It works between 80 bar and 100 bar.

Humidity can be adjusted between 45% and 98%. Thanks to the humidifier disc swinging effect and pulverization wings, it separates the water into small particles, the water particles evaporate in the air before they land on the ground. The relative humidity of the air increases and its temperature drops.

To the water inlet; Filtration, which holds the particles in the water and the soil, are put into the cartridge filters. 12 mm. - 1 mm. thick pipe is used. Nozzles on the pipes and their interconnections are made of stainless steel. It is a redundant system against failures.

Features of the area to be moistened

During the installation, the effect of cooling fans in the area to be humidified on air distribution is taken into consideration.

+ The system is humidity controlled. (The system has an automation feature that can be activated and deactivated according to the humidity in the room.)

+ To the system; Disinfectant, etc. when deemed necessary other than humidification. There is a system entry where products such as can be applied.

+ It is possible to operate the system with time control.

+ The system's inlet water is filtered.

+ System automation is suitable for external control and monitoring.

+ Piping main lines 70-100 Bar pressure resistant pipe spraying equipment is stainless material (chrome plated) production.